unsecured creditors

unsecured creditors
unsecured creditors
Creditors who do not have any security for the debt owing to them. (Dictionary of Canadian Bankruptcy Terms)

United Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms 2012.

Glossary of Bankruptcy.

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  • unsecured creditor — a creditor who extended credit to a debtor without collateral security. If the debtor files for bankruptcy or is levied upon, the unsecured creditors are paid on a pro rata basis only after the claims of all secured creditors are satisfied… …   Glossary of Bankruptcy

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  • Unsecured debt — In finance, unsecured debt refers to any type of debt or general obligation that is not collateralized by a lien on specific assets of the borrower in a bankruptcy or liquidation.In the event of the bankruptcy of the borrower, the unsecured… …   Wikipedia

  • Unsecured creditor — An unsecured creditor is a creditor which is not a preferential creditor and which does not have the benefit of any security interests in the assets of the debtor.In the event of the bankruptcy of the debtor, the unsecured creditors usually… …   Wikipedia

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